Bespoke suit

Suit made specially for you

In the making of a bespoke suit, the tailor will use your measurements to cut out a suit that takes into account all the proportions and the peculiarities that your suit may require. In at least 2 fittings, the form and the style details of the suit will be made and perfected.

Traditional handicraft methods

In the making of Gowri’s bespoke suit, we use only traditional handicraft methods that have been used for centuries. It will take up to 24 working hours for the tailor to make one bespoke suit.

In case any advice is needed, we can always recommend the most modern and stylish cuts of the suit, the details of the suit in which your personal style manifests in the best way possible, and the kind of lining which gives your suit the perfect characteristics.

Only the best fabrics

Regarding the choice of fabric, we have the finest fabrics available:
England’s Thomas Fisher, Holland & Sherry, the silk of James Hare, Dormeuil and Scaba that are known from mainland Europe, Ermenegilda Zegna ja Loro Piano from Italy. Bespoke suit fabric choice varies from Super 120 fabrics to cashmere and delicate blends of silk.

How to order a bespoke suit?

1. Design – choose the fabric, suit cut and style details. Our specialist here in Gowri will be more than happy to provide you with any advice or recommendations on this matter.

2. Measurements – we make the suit by taking precise measurements from you.

3. Adjustments – any necessary corrections can be made to give you the best suit possible and make your unique and personalized suit in 3-5 weeks. To get the desired results it is necessary to have at least 1 appointment in Gowri Style House for fitting and to make any additional corrections to the suit.

Prices start from 777€.
Waiting period is 3-5 weeks, depending on the fabric chosen.
Ordering from Gowri Style House (Rüütli 28, Tallinn, Estonia).

Looking to make a gift?

See our bespoke suit gift certificate.