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Suit Size Guide

Suit Size Guide

1. Chest

Run the tape around the fullest part of your chest, the tape should be just below the arm pit and over the shoulder blades whilst horizontal to the floor.

2. Jacket waist

Run the tape around the fullest part of the belly. This is usually around the level of the belly button. The measuring tape should be snug on the skin, but not squeezing in.

3. Trouser waist

Measure horizontally around your natural trouser waistline — place where you would usually wear your suit trousers. Keep in mind that suit trouser waistline is usually a bit higher than casual trousers or jeans.

4. Trouser length

Run the tape from your trouser waist to where you would like your trousers to end. To ensure the best fit, our suit trouser lengths are unfinished and require alteration. Please provide your trouser length measurement (in the order notes at checkout) for us to make the trousers correct length.

Shirt Size Guide

Suit size chart (cm)

(Our recommended body measurement ranges and not the actual measurements of the suit.)

Your height:
168–188 cm = regular suit
>188 cm = long suit
<168 cm = short suit

Suit sizeChest sizeJacket waistTrouser waist