Made-to-measure shirt

Superb quality through experience

Gowri started making made-to-measure shirts in 1996 as one of the company’s first products. Since then, we have made thousands of made-to-measure shirts to many happy customers in Great Britain, Scandinavia and Estonia.

Skilled Estonian craftsmanship

We have been working hard to make Gowri’s made-to-measure shirt a world-class quality product:

– 6 stitches per cm
– French style seaming (clean inside and outside seaming in armpits and sides of the shirt)
– Cross stitching technique used on buttons
– English style triangle shapes on the bottom of the sides
– Removable collar reinforcements
– Hand-made embroidery

Made personally for you

Gowri’s made-to-measure shirts are hand-cut one by one according to your precise measurements. The sewing is made from start to end by a single skillful seamstress and by using single-needle sewing machine.

3 Steps to order your made-to-measure shirt:

1. Fabric – pick your favorite fabric from more than 200 high quality 2-ply cotton fabrics.

2. Measurements – we make the shirt by taking precise measurements from you. If you like, you can bring your current best shirt and we will take the measurements from there.

3. Design – choose regular, slim or super slim fit, collar style, cuffs and design of the front of the shirt. You can make your shirt even more personalized by adding a hand-embroidered monogram.

Prices from €79.
Waiting period is 1-2 weeks.
Ordering from Gowri Style House (Rüütli 28, Tallinn, Estonia).

Looking to make a gift?

See our made-to-measure shirt gift certificate.