Made-to-measure shoes

Highly customisable Italian craftsmanship

Gowri’s made-to-measure shoes truly open before you the exceptional world of men’s shoes. Whether you are an admirer of English and French classic heritage or artistic creativity of Italian designers – we’ve got it all.

You can choose from more than 50 different leather options and over 200 different shoe models which are handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen. We can also make a couple of alterations to the standard size: we can widen the sole or make the foot rise higher. In addition, if you wish to emphasize your height with the shoes, there is an option to have a 7 cm heel, of which 4 cm is hidden inside the shoe.

How to order made-to-measure shoes?

1. Size – try on our test shoe sizes in Gowri Style House in order to determine your size.

2. Shoe model & leather – choose your desired shoe model from our made-to-measure shoe catalogue and choose your preferred leather option. Our specialist here in Gowri will be more than happy to provide you with any advice or recommendations on this matter.

3. Monogram (optional) – you can make your shoes even more personalised by adding your initials or full name to them.

The made-to-measure shoe catalogue can be found in Gowri Style House or you can download it as a .swf file from here.

Prices start from 444€.
Waiting period is 6-8 weeks.
Ordering from Gowri Style House (Rüütli 28, Tallinn, Estonia).

Looking to make a gift?

See our made-to-measure shoes gift certificate.