Made-to-measure shoes


Personalized Italian craftsmanship

Gowri's made-to-measure shoes truly open before you the exceptional world of men's shoes. Whether you are an admirer of English and French classic heritage or artistic creativity of Italian designers — we've got it all.

You can choose from more than 50 different leather options and over 200 different shoe models which are handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen. We can also make a couple of alterations to the standard size: we can widen the sole or make the foot rise higher. In addition, if you wish to emphasize your height with the shoes, there is an option to have a 7 cm heel, of which 4 cm is hidden inside the shoe.

3 Steps to order your made-to-measure shoes

1) Size

We will determine your made-to-measure shoe size with our shoe size models.

2) Shoe model

Choose your desired shoe model from our made-to-measure shoes catalog which can be browsed at Gowri Style House (Rüütli 28, Tallinn, Estonia).

3) Leather type

Choose your preferred shoe leather option.

  • Prices from 439€.
  • Waiting period is 6-8 weeks.
  • Ordering from Gowri Style House (Rüütli 28, Tallinn, Estonia).

Looking to make a gift?

See our made-to-measure shoes gift certificate.