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Commodore Grey Structured Shirt


100% Compact Cotton
This shirt is made using fabric extra-long staple cotton yarn. This gives your shirt a luxurious lustre, is more durable, creases less and is naturally easy care with no chemical treatment involved.

L(41/42EU 16/16.5UK)M(39/40EU 15.5/15.75UK)XL(43/44EU 17/17.5UK)39 EU/15½ UK39 EU/15½ UK40 EU/15¾ UK40 EU/15¾ UK41 EU/16¼ UK41 EU/16¼ UK43 EU/17 UK43 EU/17 UK44 EU/17½ UK44 EU/17½ UK40 EU/15¾ UK Long40 EU/15¾ UK Long44 EU/17½ UK Long44 EU/17½ UK Long

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Regular, Slim




Single cuff (with buttons)

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