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Panama Blue Shirt


38 EU/15 UK38 EU/15 UK39 EU/15½ UK39 EU/15½ UK40 EU/15¾ UK40 EU/15¾ UK41 EU/16¼ UK41 EU/16¼ UK42 EU/16½ UK42 EU/16½ UK43 EU/17 UK43 EU/17 UK44 EU/17½ UK44 EU/17½ UK45 EU/17¾ UK45 EU/17¾ UK46 EU/18 UK46 EU/18 UK47 EU/18½ UK47 EU/18½ UK48 EU/19 UK48 EU/19 UK49 EU/19¼ UK49 EU/19¼ UK50 EU/19¾ UK50 EU/19¾ UK
RegularRegularSlimSlimSuper slimSuper slim
RegularRegularShort (-5 cm)Short (-5 cm)Long (+5 cm)Long (+5 cm)
ClassicClassicSemi-cutawaySemi-cutawayFull cutawayFull cutawayButton-downButton-downMao collarMao collar
Single cuff (with buttons)Single cuff (with buttons)Double cuff (for cufflinks)Double cuff (for cufflinks)
PlacketPlacketNo placketNo placketCovered placket (buttons covered)Covered placket (buttons covered)
Shirt type




High quality custom-made shirt

Our custom-made shirt gives you the opportunity to choose any shirt size and customise it with preferred fit, sleeve length, collar, cuff, front placket and details (breastpocket, monogram). This is an à la carte service where your shirt will be made from scratch according to your personalised order — the shirt will be individually cut and sewn from top to bottom by a single skillful seamstress.